Our Journey

August 17


The foundation of our parent company was laid by Mr. R Ramaswamy when he founded Aarvee Enterprises back in 1988. Since then, with over 30 years of profound experience in exports, we have made a mark with clients from the world over. From aroma chemicals to spices, our array of products have touched the lands of India, Japan, Sri Lanka & Indonesia to name a few.

August 17


Another monumental year for us, 2012 brought with it a new turn in our journey. We successfully launched Arwen Fragrances Pvt. Ltd., a manufacturing and marketing that is exclusively involved in fragrance products.

August 17


Another year, another change. Ital Veloce was added to our repertoire and it went on to be the first Indian Brand to launch Premium Body Mists in India. Since then, Ital Veloce has been seen in a strong network of over 1200 stores that cover Hypermarkets, Medical Stores & Beauty Counters.

August 17


With the expansion of the brand came the requirement to expand our facilities. 2017 saw the building of a new age facility for the brand to work out of which thus created an opportunity for us to contract manufacture for some new entrants in the beauty industry. We have also been successfully manufacturing for notable Indian multinational conglomerates.

August 17


With fragrances being our backbone since day zero, we saw a gap in the market for an Indian High-End Perfumes. Enter, Otto Quotidano, a luxe fragrance brand that especially takes pride in being made in India!

August 17


Come 2020 & we all had to pivot! And so we did, this time with heartfelt cause. Say hello to the brands newest branch, One Wipe that provides Hand Sanitizers in these times of great need.

November 25


Recognised as top 10 contract manufacturers in India by the Industry Outlook Magazine